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Creating Precise Hydrovac Excavation Through Safe Technology

Hydrovac is the only non-destructive method of digging

Keep Your Hydrovac Excavation on Track With Northumberland’s VacTrax Services

When it comes to hydrovac excavation, VacTrax Services has got you covered. With the use of innovative technology and a fleet of hydrovac excavation trucks, we can safely and precisely dig through any soil. We use pressurized water and a vacuum to move soil rather than using a mechanical digger.

We provide hydrovac excavation and sewer maintenance services to our hometown of Cobourg, as well as the entire Northumberland County, Peterborough, Belleville and the Durham Region.

Responsive, Reliable and Reputable Hydrovac Excavators

VacTrax Services brings experienced hydrovac excavators who can dig through any challenge and soak up industry knowledge for clear-cut work. As a family owned and operated business, we provide a high level of service and care for each of our customers.

Our team of hydrovac excavation contractors  are trained to work on any construction site, whether it is for the municipality or a commercial or residential property. VacTrax Services has the technology to provide a quick, safe and precise hydrovac excavation.

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FAQ’s Answered

We Put Safety First


  • Hydrovac excavation
  • Sewer maintenance and repair
  • Pipe camera inspection
  • Trenchless pipe bursting
  • Pipe jetting
  • Stormceptor cleaning and maintenance
  • Water line replacement
  • Directional drilling

Service Area

  • Northumberland County
  • Durham Region  
  • Peterborough County
  • Quinte

Safety is Our Driving Factor

Our safety puts us on top with advanced equipment including a 42-inch barrel shoring system to prevent collapse and ensure a well-protected, quick hydrovac excavation. 

VacTrax Services sees to the proper training and development of our hydrovac excavation contractors to work on any construction site, whether it is municipal, commercial or residential.

To learn more about hydrovac excavation and our process and services, please visit our frequently asked questions page for more information.

Our team also wants to hear from you! If you need some questions answered or would like to book an appointment, contact VacTrax Services today and we will promptly respond.

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