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Frequently Asked Questions On Hydrovac Services

We’ve uncovered the answers to your most frequently asked questions about VacTrax Services and our hydrovac process. If you can’t dig up what you need, our  responsive hydrovac excavation contractors are always happy to take your questions through phone or email.

What Is Hydrovac Excavation?

Hydrovac excavation is the only method to non-destructive digging. We use a specialized truck equipped with high-pressured water to safely and precisely break up soil and simultaneously vacuum it up. The soil or slurry is then sucked into the truck-mounted debris tank.

Why Use Hydrovac Excavation Over Regular Methods?

By using pressurized water to unearth your infrastructure, your result will clean, quick and precise. It is the safest method with little risk of cutting through utility lines and is capable of cutting through any type of soil, including clay. And with the use of our onboard boilers, hydrovacs can work through the winter months while traditional digging methods are left frozen.

Hydravac excavation

Is the Price Comparable? 

Yes, it is comparable and can actually be cheaper on smaller projects due to the precision and accuracy of the dig.

Does Your Pipe Bursting Service Involve a New Pipe or Rehabilitation of the Old Pipe?

We provide a new pipe for our pipe bursting services. We carry reliable pipes with a 50 year rating and are joint-less to eliminate the risk of roots and leakage.

Can My Sewer Pipe Be Located?

Yes! Our trained professionals are equipped with a pipe camera which can easily locate your sewer pipes.

vactrax camera
Vactrax camera

What Is a Sewer Camera Used For? 

A sewer camera is used to inspect the inside of pipes for the purpose of locating obstructions, breaks and installation of pipe for pre-acceptance inspection. You may just want an inspection as part of a regular maintenance regime. This process can be recorded, and you will be given a DVD and a report of the findings.

What Is Trenchless Pipe Bursting?

VacTrax Services provides a less destructive process of pipe bursting by using a trenchless process. It is an efficient and effective way of replacing sewer, gas or water lines without disturbing decks, driveways, gardens or landscaping.

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